Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a U.S. citizen or resident to qualify for a foreign national loan? No you do not please refer to loan programs for the requirements needed.

How long is the process of my loan?  Usually it takes 45 to 60 days Once all documents are received.

Can I obtain financing on a commercial property as a foreign national? Yes  East Coast Investments finances commercial loans for the foreign investor Apartment buildings, strip malls etc.

Can I purchase a SFR as a foreign national? Yes, we can refer you to a licensed nmls broker that originates SFR loans, however we only originate properties 5 units and above.

How can I begin the process? Once you choose a property, forward your contract to us and or ask your broker to contact us, once we receive your signed contract a representative will schedule an appointment either in person or on the phone.

What other types of loans do you offer? East Coast Investments offers programs on Multifamily projects,hard equity loans,rehab loans and we also offer Church loan programs, for purchase,new construction and refinance.

Do you have any investment opportunities? Yes please contact us we are updating multifamily and sfr investment properties weekly in many cities.

Are you a real estate company? No we are not, we are an investment company for the real estate and or foreign investor looking for  funding of real estate commercial property, we work closely with many real estate companies to better serve you if a sfr is what you are looking for.

Do you Charge a good faith fee upfront? Absolutely not we do not feel a borrower should pay a percentage of the loan amount upfront.We charge all of our fees once we have the funding for your project and fees are only collected once the transaction has been closed and funded.

How much are your upfront fees in order to start the process? Absolutely NO fees are required upfront for any transaction whether it is a foreign national commercial loan or an church loan.

Is there an appraisal required? Yes we require an appraisal which is paid by the investor purchasing the property.

I have a friend that can appraise the property can I use my own appraisal company? You may not order your own appraisal.